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Lazy 8 Board
Lazy 8 Board
Lazy 8 Board
Lazy 8 Board
Lazy 8 Board
Lazy 8 Board
Lazy 8 Board

Lazy 8 Board

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The lazy 8 board is an absolutely amazing teaching tool! Using this board can help activate both sides of the brain and encourage them to work together. 

Start by using your finger to trace the symbol, then move on to using the tracing dowel, then onto the marble. A further challenge is to place a marble on the symbol, hold the board at both ends and tilt it in the direction that is needed in order to make the marble follow in the lazy 8 direction.

The benefits from using this board are incredible and include helping a child to:

  • think more clearly.
  • relax and calm.
  • improve hand-eye co-ordination.
  • improve visual tracking (moving your eyes and not your head to see something)
  • increase attention span.
  • increase writing flow and speed.
  • balance emotions.
  • improves memory.
  • improve cross laterality (crossing the midline of the body, your belly button, connects the right and left hemisphere).
  • to develop hand dominance (being right or left handed).

The board is handmade from untreated pine and is finished with natural oils from The Natural Paint Company. 

Board measures 36x18x1.8cm

(Marble not included, recommended age 3+)

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